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“King of the Underground is an impressive piece of work containing a strong lead character, a detailed story world and several intense moments. The story world is gritty and believable, the characters are well developed and the narrative generates constant tension.”


“This is a gripping historical drama of a quest for freedom, and Jermain Loguen, once known as Jarm Logue, refuses to give the slavers the satisfaction of buying his freedom from them, and helps many other enslaved people escape to safety. This story deftly employs time jumps and multiple narrative threads that come back to showcase a story that also taps into the historical context of the Fugitive Slave Act and the dangers that runaway slaves might still face even once they flee north. Overall, “King of the Underground” is a captivating story drawn from history and rich with emotion.”


“The writing is poetic, filled with dynamic action paragraphs and a strong sense of voice. There are vibrant visuals to immerse us in the historical setting, and blazing action sequences filled with potent descriptions to capture the intensity. The character introductions are effective, and there is strong sensory detail.”


“In terms of storytelling, setting, dialogue, character, we get the sense that this is a very skilled, professional writer tackling a complex story. This movie very easily answers the question of what it has to say and why it deserves to get made now.”


“King of the Underground is a powerful, spiritual, inspirational story of freedom, struggle, and hope.”

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